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A new experience

sunny 27 °C

Albania is like no-where we have been before
People have only been learning to drive for the last 20 years so it seems like every man for himself on the road. Thankfully our bus driver is familiar with this and so knew what he was doing. We were able to visit our first ever mosque, and took our shoes off and had an interesting look around.
People in Albania also are unable to get a mortgage, so many houses are only partially built, as they earn more money they can build a little more.
It is a fascinating place to visit, and drive through, but now we have been there, we are happy to move on to the next stop of Macedonia.

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Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

Lovely town

sunny 30 °C

Even though this town was at war less than 20 years ago, the old bridge has been completed rebuilt and is a lovely little town to visit. We had a lovely day here. There are still many parts of the town that have obvious signs of damage from the war, but it is worth a walk around the town and over the bridge if you are ever in this part of the world.

When we returned to Dubrovnik for our final night in Croatia, we took the cable car to top of the mountain, and had a lovely dinner at the top of the mountain over looking the entire city. Very romantic!!

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Not enough amazing words to describe it

sunny 28 °C

We started our time in Croatia in Zagreb, and even though it was raining we still managed to enjoy some amazing sites.
Had a tour through the historic section, and a day trip into the country side to visit Tito's house, and have lunch in a lovely country house, with a brandy shot to start off.
Next we moved on to the Plitvice National park, the waterfalls and lakes were so amazing, and sadly pictures just don't show how amazing and spectacular this place really is. No swimming is allowed in these lakes which I am sure preserves it somewhat. The boardwalks throughout the entire park are constantly being increased, however make sure you are wearing good walking shoes, and watch where you are walking, as little steps pop up along the boardwalk.
We then moved on to Split, via Trogir, which in itself was amazing. The ice-cream is so good.
Split was true sunshine, and a quick look around inside this place, and a couple of purchases at the market, and we were off again.
The Dalmatian coast from Split to Dubrovnik, was breathtaking. So much to see, a photo opportunity at every turn.
Then Dubrovik. A walk around the wall at 90 Kuna is worth every penny. The views from our hotel are great, and haven't found a negative thing about this place yet.

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Last day in Vienna


rain 13 °C

Our last day in Vienna, was the first day of our tour, and they took us to Schunbrunn palace, before it was open to the public, and this palace was so amazing, as every room was gold leaf coated. Another room, had wood panelling that was shipped in from south America. The Habsburg family certainly had a lot of money. Unfortunately you are not able to take photo's inside the palace, but it is well worth a look.
The Schunbrunn zoo had an entrance from the garden of the palace, so we also spent a few hours there. The Panda, Tigers, and all forms of Monkeys were our favourites.

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Just like a melbourne winter

rain 10 °C

Even in the cold rain, vienna still manages to be a beautiful city.
The standard breakfast appears to be fresh bread rolls with ham and cheese which is pretty good.
The architecture is simply stunning and the streets and shops are very unique
Sean found a tshirt displaying all of vienna's beer, his aim is now to sample one of each. As the weather is proving to be more suited to duck. I think hitting the shopping malls.
Finally a day without rain and we have now visited the parndof outlet shopping centre which was massive and had every brand you could think of. Didn't go overboard but still got a couple of bargains.
We then sampled the famous Sacher Torte from the hotel Sacher which was pretty spectacular
The other massive positive is public transport. It is so easy to find your way around and we didn't have to wait any longer than 4 mins for a train (even on Sundays)

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